PL/I analysis is available starting in Enterprise Edition.

Language-Specific Properties

Discover and update the PL/I-specific properties in: Administration > General Settings > PL/I.

Source Code Extraction

In order to analyze your source code with SonarQube you need to first extract it onto a filesystem. You can use your own tool or an open source tool; SonarSource does not provide any connectors or source code extraction tools.

Dealing with Includes

There are two possible ways to tell SonarQube where to retrieve the source code referenced by an %INCLUDE statement.

The following syntaxes are supported:

%INCLUDE 'C:/temp/myLib.pli'
%INCLUDE ddname(member);
%INCLUDE member; /* With member not enclosed within single or double quotes, i.e. a SYSLIB member */


If you want to interpret:

%INCLUDE O (XX02511) as %INCLUDE 'C:/temp/o/XX02511.99IPO';
%INCLUDE lib1 as %INCLUDE 'C:/temp/syslib/lib1.pli';

the Ddnames are defined as:




Note that the following constructs, involving at least two members, are currently not supported:

%INCLUDE member1, member2;
%INCLUDE ddname1(member1), member2;
%INCLUDE member1, ddname1(member2);
%INCLUDE ddname1(member1), ddname2(member2);

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